emergency dispatch systems for...

  • Shopping Malls and Merchants

    Shopping Malls and Merchants

    Keep neighboring businesses current on crime mishaps, merchant meetings and events.

  • Coorporate Business

    Coorporate Business

    Manage corporate company notifications easily.

  • Fire Station Notifications

    Fire Station Notifications

    Civil Dispatch Fire Station Alerting products can help improve your emergency response time by quickly and effectively communicating the call and automatically opening doors or turning on lights.

  • Neighborhood Watch Operations

    Neighborhood Watch Operations

    Be the eyes and ears of your community.

  • Weather Notifications

    Weather Notifications

    Civil Dispatch enables organizations to communicate actionable weather warnings and emergency instructions to front-line managers, first responders, employees, citizens, and others at a moment's notice.

  • Family Emergency Alerts

    Family Emergency Alerts

    In the event of an civil unrest, natural disaster, or other emergency Civil Dispatch makes it easy for you to reach all of your family at once instantaneously on their mobile devices.

  • Emergency Responders

    Emergency Responders

    Important information is transmitted easily by law enforcement to local officials, businesses, and community groups with Civil Dispatch.

  • School & Educational Notifications

    School & Educational Notifications

    Civil Dispatch makes it easy for school administrators to send out notifications in the event of closings, emergencies or just need-to-know situations.

  • Hearing Impaired

    Hearing Impaired

    The hearing impaired can be easily informed via SMS and email alerts when no other form of alerts can be recognized.

  • Homeowner Associations

    Homeowner Associations

    Civil Dispatch provides state-of-the-art technology that can help your HOA (home owner association) or condominium association communicate effectively with its members.

  • AMBER Alerts

    AMBER Alerts

    Civil Dispatch's AMBER Alert capabilities helps keep our local children safe by allowing law enforcement to instantly send AMBER Alerts as soon as they are issued.

  • Scouting and Adventuring Organizations

    Scouting and Adventuring Organizations

    Civil Dispatch becomes an important tool when weather strikes and when other resources are not available.

  • Railroad Freight Systems

    Railroad Freight Systems

    With the increase in complexity of transportation and freight systems, dispatching important personnel is vital to running a seamless and safe system.


"Very Impressive! The ability to reach out to the community for assistance, or to assist with others in time of need quickly, I like knowing it's available!"

- Dirk B., Meet The Builders