Alert Delivery


Having a distinct alert campaign with a targeted list of your alert recipients will only go so far if your subscribers do not receive your campaign. We have a renowned infrastructure to ensure your alert is delivered to every subscriber every time you send a campaign. Maximum inbox delivery is our passion.

Authentication done for you
We automatically take care of all of the technical authentication details. We will ensure you have valid SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys, DKIM, etc... You don't have to setup anything and you can even use your own from alert address!

Feedback loops
We have feedback loops setup with all major ISP's to receive instant feedback from alerts being sent by our service. We can then update subscription statuses, detect patterns of sending, and ensure maximum deliverability for all of our users.

Real-time abuse monitoring & spam prevention system
The key to great deliverability is ensuring that only high-quality senders are allowed to send with the service. We have an intricate system in place that is continually analyzing our users sending practices before sending campaigns, during sending, and at all times after sending. This allows us to shut down problem users before they even send a single alert. It is a system that runs through hundreds of checks, builds profiles on accounts, determines sender reputations, and more.

Bounce management
When you send a campaign we will analyze all bounces that occur from your campaign. We will automatically remove all the non-valid addresses (hard bounces) and keep track of other types of bounce messages.

ISP relations
We maintain relationships with all the major ISP's. This allows us to monitor our deliverability across the major providers along with working with the providers should any issues arise.