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Ways a country typically reacts to an outbreak, the best ways to prevent and prepare for pandemics, and why modern society makes us so vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks.

posted On 2/15/2020 5:23 PM In General, Personal & Family Survival

This is the essential guide every family must have to be prepared for the Coronavirus, keep safe from this contagion, and to process new developments in real time.

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Today, we are going to prepare you for something we’ve never prepared you for before: a zombie apocalypse. Here are our best tips you need to know in order to survive.

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Donating blood helps save lives each and everyday!

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Today is March 20th, also known as Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. While there was no official inaugural launch of this ‘out of this world’ holiday, the 2008 Alien Abduction Festival in Toronto was likely the cause. A Toronto-based toy company, Happy Worker hosted a single day festival celebrating all things extraterrestrial and science fiction, for alien fanatics and creative types alike. Highlights of the festival included the usual carnival attractions that everyone enjoys, free UFO rides, and an alien birthing room along with tin hat tailoring.  

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Winter 2018-2019 has been a very newsworthy season all across the country.  Snow fell throughout the midwest on what seemed like a weekly basis.  Las Vegas even saw enough snowfall for schools to have a rare snow day.  West Hollywood, in the land of sunny California, had snowfall throughout the hills, the first time since 1962.

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Happy New Year from Civil Dispatch! The new year brings about a fresh start. It’s a time for analyzing, reorganizing and reprioritizing what is most important in your life. Amidst all of the resolutions you and your loved ones have made, we encourage you to take time to reflect on the safety precautions and preparations that are in place in your life.

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The winter months traditionally bring cold weather, bitter winds and snow/ice. There is less access to fresh foods; the days are shorter; illnesses are more prevalent. It’s time for preppers to finish preparing for the harsh months that lie ahead.

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Over the last week, wildfires have scorched parts of California, leaving communities devastated. Thousands of homes have been evacuated as firefighters continue to battle the blaze. Whether you live in a different part of California or are thousands of miles away looking to offer support, there are a number of ways you can help support wildfire victims and firefighters at this time.

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Some are already setting up Christmas trees while others cling to turkey and pumpkin pie for a few more weeks. Whichever mindset you’ve adopted, the holiday season is practically here. The holiday seasons can be stressful and overwhelming, filled with chaos and commotion. In order to help you prepare for the coming weeks, we’ve put together a quick dos and don’ts holiday checklist to help simplify the season.