What is the North American monsoon?

7/18/2018 6:34 PM

Tornadoes, wildfires and hailstorms, oh my. The U.S. has seen its fair share of severe weather over the past few months, but Mother Nature isn’t quite finished. For southwestern states, monsoon season officially began.

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Wildfire Preparedness: Flames Scorch Western USA

7/11/2018 11:15 AM

A massive and intense heat dome has consumed the eastern two-thirds of the United States over the past two weeks.

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Vacationers Beware: “Sea Lice” Infest Florida Beaches

7/4/2018 6:00 AM

Last week the Florida Department of Health issued a warning to beachgoers along the Panhandle waterfront, informing them that “sea lice” have infested the area and outbreaks have been common.

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What I Learned In A Year Writing For Civil Dispatch

6/27/2018 3:24 PM

I have been the writer for Civil Dispatch for a little over a year now and it has turned me into an inexperienced yet capable prepper to say the least. The information and tools that I have learned over the past year have put me in a position to be the ultimate prepper if I chose to.

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Will Russian Hooligans Threaten Fan Safety at Fifa World Cup?

6/20/2018 7:35 PM

On June 14th, the Fifa World Cup began in Russia, marking the beginning of one of the world’s largest sports tournaments. When the host country was initially announced, there were concerns. President Vladimir Putin promised that the people of Russia would do their best to secure the comfort and safety of their guests. Still, many were wary.

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How To Survive Hurricane Season On Vacation

5/23/2018 6:29 PM

Most of the time, we plan our vacation months in advance and during the summertime, which puts them right smack dab in the middle of hurricane season.

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How Real Is Disease X?

5/16/2018 6:36 PM

We’ve been hearing rumors about a deadly pandemic coming called Disease X, but health officials still have no idea what exactly it could be. It is being named “Disease X” because the “X” represents the unexpected nature of the pandemic.

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On The Record: The 10 Deadliest U.S. Tornadoes

4/25/2018 4:07 PM

Tornado season is upon us, and instead of informing you how to prepare for them like we did in “Touched Down Without A Warning: How To Prepare For A Tornado”, we thought that we would recap a few of the deadliest tornadoes to touch down in U.S. history.

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Women and Firearms: The Truth You Should Know

4/11/2018 7:39 PM

The main reason that usually women resort to owning guns is to protect themselves. Roughly about 12 percent of women own a gun as opposed to nearly three times as many men , meaning a disproportionate number of gun-owning civilians are male.

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The Science Behind Sports Riots

3/28/2018 2:36 PM

Sports are an American pastime, but the riots that sometimes follow are not. Fires in streets, smashed windows, flipped cars, and alcohol fueling the fire (no pun intended)...where does it all end? And why do fans care SO intensely about their teams that their first thought is to destroy property when they win or lose?

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