Civil Dispatch API

Features_API Civilian Emergency Dispatch System has been designed to allow integration with external services to provide a complete notification solution. Our fully featured civil dispatch API is available with our hosted service & downloaded software. To view example API calls click on a API call from the side menu.

You can use our API to bring data into your alert notification service, create campaigns on the fly, external analysis, and so much more. We are continually building upon our API with new API features/calls to accommodate our users' needs.

Additional technical details

Data from our API can be returned in 3 different formats:

1. serialized - Data is returned in a serialized format and can be decoded with PHP's native unserialize() function
2. JSON - Data is returned in JSON format and can be decoded with json_decode() function (included in PHP since 5.2.0)
3. XML - Write your own XML parser to handle the output

Our API examples are using PHP but you could use virtually any programming language to interact with our API.

With our hosted service we have a API rate limit of 5 requests per second per account. For this reason it is wise to think about each call and whether you can utilize calls for multiple options and/or cache some of your data locally. Users with high demands can contact us for a custom rate limit solution.

Support & developer collaboration

For questions about our API and to collaborate with other developers we encourage you to contact us via the members section.