Integration and API


Integrate Civilian Emergency Dispatch System into any alert & business setup you currently utilize. Integration has been designed be very easy to implement.

Subscription Forms
Generate custom subscription forms for your web site. Have a generated form embedded into any page of your web site and set the URL's for redirection. Including success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL and more.

The user never leaves your design and you have total control over the user experience!

The generated subscription form code is basic HTML that can be embedded into any type of web site.

Subscription forms allow you to use a single install of  Civilian Emergency Dispatch System to manage multiple web sites without your site visitors ever knowing they are leaving the site!

Public Message Archive
Direct users to a public archive of all the past alerts and SMS messages. Let them view past alerts, subscribe to lists, and more. This feature can be disabled if you would like your past alerts/lists to be private.

External Subscriber Sync
Synchronize your subscribers with any external MySQL, MSSQL, or PostgreSQL database! Simply select a database, navigate to the table of choice, select the fields to sync, set your sync options and click Run! It has never been easier to bring subscribers from an outside source into Civilian Emergency Dispatch System and to keep your lists updated from that source. You can even have your syncs run automatically - such as daily or hourly!

Powerful API Civilian Emergency Dispatch System includes a very powerful API that can be used to add/manage lists, subscribers, users, and more! Our flexible API supports a number of formats including serialized, JSON, and XML. Example API calls are included for each type of API action ensuring a quick implementation and understanding of our API.

Social Media
When you include a web version link within your campaign your subscribers will see a web version of the alert with a small bar that has social sharing options.

Admin users can share the campaign while viewing campaign reports.

When you click on personalize (to personalize a campaign) you will see a Social Submit Links option.  When you add this tag into your alert it will place the social sharing icons within your actual alert and your subscribers can click on them from their alert client to share the web version link of the alert with their friends.

Integration With Third Party Software
Quickly integrate subscription forms into your Wordpress blogs & web sites. Upgrade Wordpress without losing your subscription form placements.   

With this easy to install plugin you can let your vBulletin users manage their subscription(s) to your mailing list(s) directly from their forum account.   

With this easy to install plugin you can let your Joomla users manage their subscription(s) to your mailing list(s) directly from their Joomla account.   

Automatically post your campaigns to Twitter and track the results.   

Place subscription forms on your FaceBook profile or fan pages.
Google Analytics
Full integration with Google Analytics allowing you to track your campaigns links and read/opens using analytics.