Integrate Mailing List Subscriptions with vBulletin

You can integrate subscriptions to newsletters during the vBulletin registration process, so as to not force the user to submit multiple forms. The newsletter subscription will be submitted as soon as the user finishes registering for vBulletin access.

Using the vBulletin plugin feature, the process is seamless.

As a vBulletin administrator, there's a few steps to get this setup:

1. Create new user profile fields for "Yes/No" radio options, and "Name" textbox. Note the unique field names for each (IE: "field5").

2. Import the XML file to the Manage Products page in vBulletin admin section.

3. Fill in your Civil Dispatch details on the vBulletin Options/Settings page.

(1) Create new user profile fields

Visit the /admincp/ section of the software, and go to "User Profile Fields" > "Add New User Profile Field":

Yes/No radio options

Choose "Single-Selection Radio Buttons" from the "Add New User Profile Field" drop-down:

Example values for this profile field:

"Name" textbox

Choose "Single-Line Text Box" from the "Add New User Profile Field" drop-down:

Example values for this profile field:

These two new fields will be added to the vBulletin registration form, when a new user signs up:

(2) Import the XML file

Visit "Plugins & Products" > "Manage Products":

Click Add/Import Product:

Choose the XML file from the Civil Dispatch Subscribe product files.

After importing, you should see the product listed under your Installed Products:

(3) Fill in your Civil Dispatch email marketing details

Visit "vBulletin Options" > "vBulletin Options":

(In version 4, it's "Settings" > "Options")

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose "Civil Dispatch Settings."

Fill in the appropriate value for each item.

In action

When a new user opts to subscribe to the newsletter(s) when registering for vBulletin, the subscriber will appear in Civil Dispatch, once the vBulletin registration process is complete.

If the vBulletin user ever wants to unsubscribe from the newsletter(s), they can just visit their profile section, and click "Edit Options" to modify the Yes/No option:

In version 4, it's under "My Settings" > "Forums" > "Forum Settings."

Choosing "No" will unsubscribe the user from Civil Dispatch lists that are set up in vBulletin. They can choose "Yes" again at anytime and it will re-subscribe them to the lists.