Integrate Subscription Forms with WordPress

You can embed your Civil Dispatch subscription forms on your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

First, download our plugin from the WordPress plugin directory:


Screenshot of WordPress plugin page


Unzip the file, and you should see a PHP file, a TXT file, as well as a few image screenshots:


Screenshot of files in Windows Explorer


Upload the activecampaign_subscribe.php file to your WordPress server, under the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.


Screenshot of FTP file directory


Visit the Manage Plugins page in WordPress, and activate the "Civil Dispatch" plugin:


Screenshot of WordPress plugin page


Visit the Widgets section, and drag the Civil Dispatch widget to the sidebar:


Screenshot of WordPress widgets page


Fill in your Civil Dispatch details:


Screenshot of WordPress widgets page


Hit "Save." You should then see another page listing all subscription forms that you have set up in your Civil Dispatch account:


Screenshot of WordPress widgets page


Choose the subscription form that you'd like to display on the public side of your WordPress site. The checkbox "Fetch form with each page load" is recommended to be left unchecked, but if you'd like your subscription form to be requested from your civil dispatch account with each page visit on your WordPress site, then check that box. This is useful for always making sure your WordPress site has the most up-to-date subscription form, if you make changes to it in Civil Dispatch.

Hit "Save." If all went well, you should see a confirmation message:


Screenshot of WordPress widgets page


Your subscription form should now be saved in the WordPress database, and displayed on the public side:


Screenshot of WordPress public page



Subscription form redirects

If you want your WordPress-embedded subscription form to redirect back to your WordPress site after submission, you need to set this up in Civil Dispatch. While editing the subscription form, under Form Completion Options:


Screenshot of form completion options


Also, make sure to turn off variables from being passed in the URL, under Settings > General Settings > Public > "Disable passing variables during subscriptions":


Screenshot of email marketing settings