10 Common Prepping Mistakes To Avoid

Just like packing for vacation, we tend to pack for everything that could possibly happen while we are gone and that usually includes over-packing and forgetting essential items. This goes hand in hand with prepping also.

Here are 10 common prepping mistakes to avoid while preparing you and your family:

  1. Not having a survival library
    Books are becoming more and more obsolete in today’s society since the takeover of social media and technology, but what happens when your power goes out? Having books on hand gives you something to read when you are bored, but they also can be helpful when you are needing information on survival hacks to get you through this disaster. Check out this list of great survival books to add to your library.
  2. Focusing on the supplies you need instead of skills
    Having the books on survival skills, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn the survival skills. What happens if you can’t get to your books and are unsure what to do? If you aren’t home when disaster strikes, just relying on your gear and food isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to be able to defend yourself and get yourself (and your family) to safety.
  3. Not having enough water prepped
    We need water to survive and it should be on the top of your priority list. You should have a good ratio of food to water considering you don’t know what lies ahead for you and your family and how long it might be before you can go homeor leave your emergency shelter.
  4. Not having a variety a food stored away
    Make sure you are storing away nonperishable items, but also items that do have some nutritional value. As easy as it sounds to live off of rice, beans, salt, and sugar, it’s not. Your body will have an extremely hard time getting used to this diet and you will get food fatigued. Check out this list of recommended items for your food storage.
  5. Not eating what you store
    Keep track of the food that you are storing and make sure you are actually consuming what you are eating before it goes bad. There are cookbooks out there that are designed to help cook basic meals during disasters or emergencies.
  6. Not having enough vitamins
    Everyone should be taking a multivitamin on a daily basis since it’s hard to get all the vitamins our body needs just through food. Putting your body through the stress of a disaster or emergency can take a toll on your immune system, so having that daily intake of vitamins can prevent your body from getting sick.
  7. Relying only on food storage
    While food and water are important items to have while prepping, you also have to think about the other items you might need such as first aid kits, clothes, weapons, and health supplies.
  8. Relying on an arsenal
    There are those preppers that solely focus on their guns and ammo because they can protect themselves and hunt for their food, but this is very unrealistic if you live in a city. Having guns for self-defense is important, but not as important as having food and water to survive.
  9. Not taking care of pets
    It can be easy to neglect your pets when your mind's on other things such as the safety of your family, but they require more than just food and water. Make sure you also prep for your pets and pack any medications or toys that they may need for an extended period of time.
  10. Planning on bugging out
    Having a bug out bag and survival kit ready are critical elements to being able to bug out, but without warning of an upcoming disaster this can be a little difficult since you won’t be the only trying to get out. Have a plan in place just in case you need to take shelter wherever you are when disaster strikes.

Now that you’ve read about the common prepping mistakes, check out our website for tips on how to properly prep you and your family.

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