Alleged Sexual Assault On UNO Campus

Scott Village, UNOThe University of Nebraska at Omaha says security has been increased after a student reported being sexually assaulted in her dorm room. The crime happened early Tuesday morning - two days after move-in began.

An e-mail sent to students Tuesday night explains the alleged assault happened in the bedroom of a woman living in the Scott Village residence hall. She didn't recognize the suspect.

It's not clear how the man entered the bedroom. The e-mail does say it was without permission.

Omaha Police are in charge of the investigation. Officers have not released a suspect description.

Students are advised to lock their doors, secure windows, and make sure they know who is at their door before opening it.

Omaha Police and UNO Security officers have increased their presence on campus. If a student sees something suspicious, they're asked to call Campus Security at 402-554-2648 or police at 911.

Updated: Wed 6:05 AM, Aug 15, 2012 (Source)

Source: WOWT

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