Balderdash!’ Sen. Rand Paul lays into Obama for sequester scare tactics

Video Screen capture Copyright FOX NEWS

On FOX News this morning, Sen. Rand Paul may have just delivered the most pointed response to President Obama’s scare tactics on the sequester.

“I would say balderdash,” Paul said after the FOX host asked for his response. “It’s untrue, unfair, dishonest, disingenuous. The president is making stuff up.”

Paul added that Obama’s “histrionics” were “beneath the office of the presidency,” criticizing him for scaring Americans over any cuts to federal government spending.

“It is the least we can do,” Paul said about the spending cuts. “Our country is drowning in a sea of debt, borrowing $50,000 a second. we have to slow down spending.”



Source: Charlie Spiering, The Washington Post

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