Civil Dispatch - It Just Makes Sense

Civil Dispatch is the newest and greatest of emergency dispatching systems on the market these days.  Being a company that gives you, the consumer, the power of enterprise alerting without the enterprise cost is amazing.

When it comes down to it, for me, it's about protecting my family, first and foremost …protecting my friends…protecting those around me that matter.  Over the course of the last few weeks, we've had more tornadoes in the midwest in March than we have in quite some time.  On Friday, March 2nd alone, there had been over one hundred reported tornadoes, resulting in one of the deadliest March days since 1994!

This being said, I'm reminded of growing up in a rural area surrounded by corn fields, grain bins, gravel dust, and "close neighbors" being a mile away.  When severe weather would come, our preparation routine would begin…my sister and I finding the flashlights and candles, my father making sure all the vehicles were pulled into any garage or shed they'd fit into, and my mother storing water in the bathtub knowing we'd more than likely be without power for a few days (and this was the 90's!).  From there, we'd watch the weather on the news until the power went out.  When the power went out, we'd head to the basement and wait until it looked like the "coast was clear".  Living where we did, weather sirens were never heard.  It was a guessing game.

Now, 20 years later, I'm living in a rural area of my own, finding the same scenario happening.  Severe weather comes, we gather the flashlights, park the vehicles, store water, and watch the news until the power goes out.  The only difference now, is that if we need "to take cover" I can get an email alert and a SMS text message powered by Civil Dispatch, from my other family members in different areas if the severe weather is coming our way.  I don't need to wait for the news anymore, especially if I'm without power.  We can also communicate in one shot, via Civil Dispatch, knowing that once the storm has passed, that everyone is ok…or if someone needs help, the plan of action or a central meeting place. The possibilities are endless with this emergency dispatching system.  Not only can we notify the ones we love with it and our community, but we can actually track and see that people received our messages, when, and where.  It's just one more thing added to my families preparation plan.  It's one of those systems where you're thankful that you don't have to use it…and thankful you have it when you do.

McKenzie Hildreth Ring is a staff web producer and writer at Omaha Media Group LLC based in Omaha, Nebraska.

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