Civil Dispatch Readies for Hurricane ISAAC

NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response. Caption by Michael Carlowicz.


Civil Dispatch Readies for Hurricane ISAAC

In response to New Orleans – is working to amass emergency dispatch and alerting communications help civilians as they prepare for the impacts of Hurricane Isaac and the probability that the storm could affect all or significant parts of the Louisiana territory. has our emergency support team on stand by to assist Louisiana residents in the alert planning, setup and configuration of our online emergency communication alerting systems.

Hurricane Isaac is capable of causing widespread and extended power outages. Based on the forecast, severe weather conditions are expected to continue at least through late Wednesday as the storm tracks across Louisiana and Mississippi. Isaac is a slow-moving storm that could cause tropical force winds for 30 hours or more and significant rainfall.

After the storm passes,'s support team are prepared to work long hours, assisting the public as quickly as possible. follows a readiness plan that concentrates on getting communications services dispatched to and from essential customers first such as civilians, hospitals, police, fire, communications, water, sanitary services and transportation providers.

Civil Dispatch is an Omaha, Nebraska based company that is an Emergency Dispatch Communication System allowing ANYONE to QUICKLY and EASILY send and instantaneously track emergency E-Mail and SMS alert notifications. Civil Dispatch gives YOU the power of enterprise alerting without the enterprise cost.

Civil Dispatch is FREE for any and all Louisiana Residences affacted by Hurricane Isaac.
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