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Personal Security Awareness Month


The mission of Personal Security Awareness Month (PSAM) is to raise awareness surrounding personal security options and deliver valuable knowledge and life-saving advice to men and women across the globe. Throughout April, SHOLDIT and other personal protection experts, law enforcement professionals, and companies will partner up to spread the word of PSAM’s mission and inform the public on ways to keep themselves and their families safe. 
There will be a Personal Security Awareness Month Launch Event April 1, 2013 at Bellevue University from 4:30pm - 6:45pm. Please click on the button below or visit the events page for more information!



Omaha, Nebraska — February 5, 2013 – Angela Lee, SHOLDIT founder and fashion security fusionist, announced today that April 2013 will be the first annual “Personal Security Awareness Month.”  With a national, regional and local launch planned, focus is on providing information to the general public on how to prevent being a victim of muggings, assaults and other violent crimes that are on the rise. Lee has made it her passion to raise awareness by founding PSAM.

According to a report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in October 2012, violent crime rates across the U.S. have increased by about 18 percent, and property crimes rose by 11 percent between 2010 and 2011. This is the first time since 1993 that there has been an increase in both crime categories. Even more frightening is that the largest increase in crime was seen in assaults, which rose 22 percent. Given these starling numbers, there is a clear need for society to learn about and practice personal safety to avoid being vulnerable to an attack in our everyday lives.

The mission of Personal Security Awareness Month (PSAM) is to raise awareness surrounding personal security options and deliver valuable knowledge and life-saving advice to men and women across the globe. Throughout April, SHOLDIT and other personal protection experts, law enforcement professionals, and companies will partner up to spread the word of PSAM’s mission and inform the public on ways to keep themselves and their families safe. Former Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor, Self Defense Instructor, and Marine, Bobby Brumfield is one of the experts speaking out in support of PSAM, “By devoting an entire month to personal security awareness, the public as a whole will understand that it’s not just important to battered women, the affluent, or others deemed “high risk,” but it is important to all of us. Personal Security Awareness Month will be crucial as it will keep safety highlighted for weeks and afford the assistance of structuring a personal security plan for you and your loved ones.” During the month of April, Sholdit will donate 10% of its Internet profits to the National Crime Prevention Council (

Angela Lee is the inventor SHOLDIT, a line of fashionable security products that within 5 months of launch was featured on the Today Show, recommended by USA Today and profiled by The Associated Press as well as various local news broadcasts and websites.

Lee explains her passion behind establishing PSAM, “A small amount of cognizance is often all it takes to prevent an attacker from striking.  We are making it our mission to create revolutionary security products concealed by fashion and to bring forth awareness and education on the various personal security options available to prevent attacks.”

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Jenna Watson

Featured Speakers:

Sarpy County Sheriff Deptartment
Lieutenant Randy Furby 

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office 38 years
Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor/Trainer 26 years
SWAT Team Leader 15 years
Firearms, OC and Active Shooter Instructor
Read More of Lieutenant Randy Furby’s Bio

Discussion Topics:
Mental and Physical reactions under stress

What can you do if attacked
Things that make you less of a target for street crimes


Cass County Sheriffs Department
Lieutenant Larry Burke

Discussion Topics:
Developing Personal Safety Skills and Attitude

Victim Characteristics
Awareness of Our Surroundings
Avoid a Second Crime Scene
Develop a Survival Mindset


Leonum Advisors
Arthur “Bobby” Brumfield
United States Marine Corps
Omaha Police Dept – 15 years
FBI Safe Streets Task Force
Dept of Defense as Special Advisor to the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan
Read More of Arthur “Bobby” Brumfield’s Bio

Discussion Topics:
Travel safety tips
Guidelines to protecting yourself


Civil Dispatch 
Brad Nietfeldt
Brad Nietfeldt founded in January 2012 2012 is currently acting President of the Omaha-based civilian emergency dispatch company. Civil Dispatch is an Emergency Dispatch Communication System allowing anyone to quickly and easily send and instantaneously track emergency E-Mail and SMS alert notifications. Civil Dispatch gives anyone the power of enterprise alerting without the enterprise cost. 

In 2010 Brad founded Omaha Media Group LLC, a creative management company that designs and develops intuitive web, mobile and SEO friendly applications to help companies take advantage of the power in social and business collaboration, cloud computing, mobile applications, and next-generation tools for the enterprise businesses. 

Discussion Topics:
Natural Disaster, Crime Emergencies
Preparedness Then & Now (Our Grandparents vs. Us Today)
Civilian vs Federal Emergency Preparedness
Civilian Emergency Awareness (Self/Family/Community Assessment)
Civilian Emergency Preparation (Self/Family)
Civilian Emergency Execution
Read More of Brad Nietfeldt’s Bio


Jones Automotive
ck Quistadt
27 years in the Automotive Industry
Partner and Director of Sales & Marketing for Jones Automotive
Guest Speaking | “Risk Reduction Seminars” regarding best practices for vehicle related  trades such as roadside construction, municipalities, utilities, police, fire & rescue

Discussion Topics:
Vehicle safety including road size hazards, personal comfort and safety, carjacking


Palladin Consulting Group, Inc
Anthony “Tony” Infantino
27 years Omaha Police Force with Captain ranking
Certified by the Nebraska State Crime Commission
Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy “Certified Professional TRainer
Officer of the Year 1999 by the State of Nebraska Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee
Read More of Tony Ifantino’s Bio

Discussion Topics:
Shopping Center and Parking Lot Safety


Clark International
Mark Sundermeier

Discussion Topics:
Threat Management Overview:

Real world strategies to improve safety, reduce risky behavior, and develop proactive strategies for dealing with threats.
Applicable to domestic violence victims, human resources personnel, security, anyone dealing with safety issues.
Focused on understanding the causes of violence, improving safety and preventing harm: strategies not heavily dependent on the criminal justice system.
Read More of Mark Sundermeier’s Bio

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Personal Security Awareness Month Launch Event April 1st, Bellevue University
Andy Greenberg

Biography and Background

Andy Greenberg is one of the most listened to speakers in America as a result of his national radio spot that appears regularly on 100’s of radio stations and is heard by millions of people in a show called “Your Daily High with Andy Greenberg. His book “Your HIgh” sold 5 times the average for a first book signing.

Andy has 35 years experience with national companies as a sales and marketing expert and whose main strength is motivating associates and friends to visualize and attain success

His accomplishments include managing the marketing of several $60,000,000 businesses, creating and launching 12 new products and rebranding a national company. He has won several national awards, quoted in USA Today, Associated Press, Inc Magazine, Omaha World Herald, Strictly Business Magazine, and Business Midlands Journal, Business to Business Magazine and in various local news broadcasts.  

He is married for 42 years, visited 76 countries, all 50 states and every major league ballpark, 2 World Series Games, 1 All-Star and Home Run Derby. His sales career started by selling shoes door to door in New York City at age 18.  

Although active in speaking and training for over 11 years, in July 2009 he started “ Speaking of Andy Greenberg” a life and business building based company that through presentations,  seminars, consulting and coaching he shares and teaches individuals and businesses how to stay motivated and excel in sales, marketing, leadership, networking and customer service and life.

Three months later “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg” was featured on Omaha’s most listened to daily radio show “The Good Morning Show with Gary Sadlemyer on 1110 KFAB.  The segment provides daily innovative insights on keeping motivated all day.  Over 700 vignettes have been created to date!  The show went national 1.5 years later.

He has also been voted the 4th best dressed in Omaha! 

Source: PSAM

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