CNN Takes Obama to Task: 3 questions the Obama administration won’t answer about Obamacare

Obama Face Palm - Obama Care

CNN commits a rare act of journalism by asking three questions the Obama Administration won’t answer about Obamacare.

When it comes to Obamacare and the frantic White House effort to right the listing website meant to bring private health insurance to the uninsured, there’s a lot more we know we don’t know than hard information we can point to.

Here, in order from least to most alarming, is a look at three of the things we’re pretty sure the Obama administration knows about the health law and is choosing not to share:

Be sure to read the whole thing but the questions CNN asks are:

1) How many people are on the website? 

2) How many people are signing up? 

3) How broken is the back end?

The answers from the Dept. of Health and Human Services and White House are exactly what we’ve come to expect from this Administration — evasive, irrelevant, and equivocal. CNN, however, does a reasonably good job of cutting through the BS. Some of these issues have been reported previously, but having them laid out in the open by a news organization that is anything but hostile to this government is refreshing. It can’t be a happy time in the White House right now.


Source: By Robert Ellsworth, Downtrend

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