Dark Knight Massacre

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Contact: McKenzie Hildreth Ring
For Immediate Release

In Response to the Batman Massacre

Omaha, NE, July 20, 2012 - “We just can’t even imagine.  Wrapping our heads around such a horrific incident is unfathomable,”  says Civil Dispatch founder, Brad Nietfeldt. Civil Dispatch (www.civildispatch.com) is reaching out to those effected by the mass shooting that took place in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado yesterday evening.

“We’re looking for any way to help.  It’s in these sad, shocking times that we know we need to reach as many people as possible.  Our goal at Civil Dispatch is to create awareness.  To create seamless, quick knowledge on all levels.” Civil Dispatch is an emergency dispatch communications system allowing anyone to quickly and easily send e-mail and SMS (text) alert notifications.  Civil Dispatch also allows you to instantaneously track the alerts you send. “The most beneficial part of our system is the level of preparedness that you can create and execute ahead of time, and in an instant, which could be helpful in situations like these. 

Several people needing to be directed on what to do and what is happening in a state of terror or disaster” states Nietfeldt.  Civil Dispatch’s system allows you to create pre-made alerts ready to send, when needed, via your computer or smart device in an instant, “which is essential when an emergency strikes.” For more information on Civil Dispatch, it’s uses, and services, please visit www.civildispatch.com.

McKenzie Hildreth Ring,
Civil Dispatch Systems Engineer
PO Box 390640  Omaha, NE 68139  

Source: Civil Dispatch.com

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