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Contact: McKenzie Hildreth Ring

International Messaging Crucial to School Emergency Plans

     Omaha, NE, April 2012 - Civil Dispatch takes preparedness to a whole new level.  After the latest school shooting in California on Monday, Civil Dispatch is a huge asset to educational groups. “It is hard to wrap your head around such a crisis.  We will never understand why these situations happen, and we need to prepare for when then do” says Civil Dispatch’s founder, Brad Nietfeldt.  “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a plan and having it executed.”
    Civil Dispatch’s emergency dispatching system allows for instantaneous alerting through e-mail, SMS messaging, and texts to landlines.  By having a plan in place, and communicating it quickly in emergency situations, lives can be saved.  “What is incredible about our system is you can alert emergency responders, staff, students, and family simultaneously. You can also instantly track the alerts that were sent,” reports Nietfeldt.  “It is important to know that the information was sent, who opened the information, and who didn’t.  Having tracking information available to you is critical for future emergency plans”.
    What is unique and unfortunate about Monday’s shooting is that majority of victims were not local residents.  The victims hailed from countries including Korea, Nepal, Nigeria and the Philippines.  Civil Dispatch’s system allows for international messaging.  “Keeping your emergency contacts informed when they are thousands of miles away is crucial,” says Nietfeldt.
    Educational institutes are just one of the countless uses for Civil Dispatch’s emergency dispatching system.  For more information on Civil Dispatch, it’s uses, and services, please visit




Contact: McKenzie Hildreth Ring, Civil Dispatch Systems Engineer
PO Box 390640 Omaha, NE 68139  402-218-2444


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