Communication after Devastating Dallas Area Tornadoes - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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Contact: McKenzie Hildreth Ring

Communication after Devastating Dallas Area Tornadoes

     Omaha, NE, April 2012 - “EVERYONE should have a disaster and communications plan in place.”  Civil Dispatch ( is reaching out to as many organizations as possible after the Dallas area suffered severe damage from tornadoes that touched down on Tuesday, April 3rd.  The National Weather Service in Dallas-Fort Worth is estimating that between six and 13 tornadoes touched down just after massive hail hit the area.

     “We are thankful to hear that no one was killed or seriously injured,” says Civil Dispatch founder, Brad Nietfeldt.  “It is in times like these, after horrible disasters, that we know we are helping people.  We call the midwest ‘home’ and understand the threat of severe weather.  Our goal with Civil Dispatch is to offer our product to families, organizations, businesses, etc giving each of them the opportunity to communicate seamlessly and quickly in times of emergencies.  Having a plan can save lives.  Civil Dispatch should be a part of that plan.”

     Civil Dispatch is an emergency dispatch communications system allowing anyone to quickly and easily send e-mail and SMS alert notifications.  Civil Dispatch also allows you to instantaneously track the alerts you send.

     “What we love about our system is the level of preparedness that you can create and execute ahead of time, and in an instant,” state Nietfeldt.  “Being a company compiled of families, we understand its importance.”  Civil Dispatch’s system allows you to create pre-made alerts ready to send, when needed, via your computer or smart device in an instant, “which is essential when an emergency strikes.”

     For more information on Civil Dispatch, it’s uses, and services, please visit




McKenzie Hildreth Ring, Civil Dispatch Systems Engineer
PO Box 390640 Omaha, NE 68139  402-218-2444


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