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“Stories like this just make us so sad. It makes us realize that we just cannot grow fast enough” says’s Facebook page in response to Monday mornings school shooting in Ohio.  “It’s times like these when we realize how unprepared we can be.  As parents ourselves, we can only hope that they had a plan of communication in place.” is an intricately developed communication system designed for families, school systems, businesses, anyone to notify their specific audience in a moments notice via email and SMS messages in a time of need or distress. notices the need for instant alerting.  In situations like these, word spreads fast.  Communicating the correct information is the important part.  With, you have the capability to develop and send an emergency plan with updates, via email or SMS message.  In the The Chardon High School case, an alert could have been sent out to parents from administration informing them of the current situation, what to do, who to contact, and so fourth.  It’s been reported that some parents received over 50 text messages from their children in regards to the shooting.

CivilDispatch is “saddened that we were unable to assist” in the school’s plan of action.  “We urge for schools, colleges, businesses and families to inquire about’s emergency dispatching system to be an aid in their time of need.  We understand the importance of keeping school administrators, fellow students, parents, law enforcement, and the community informed and safe.  We hate for anyone to be caught in a ‘too late’ situation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved today.”

For more information on subscribing to this emergency dispatching system, please visit
Civliian Emergency Dispatch System

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