Surviving An Alien Abduction


Happy National Alien Abduction Day

Today is March 20th, also known as Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. While there was no official inaugural launch of this ‘out of this world’ holiday, the 2008 Alien Abduction Festival in Toronto was likely the cause. A Toronto-based toy company, Happy Worker hosted a single day festival celebrating all things extraterrestrial and science fiction, for alien fanatics and creative types alike. Highlights of the festival included the usual carnival attractions that everyone enjoys, free UFO rides, and an alien birthing room along with tin hat tailoring.  

Since the original Alien Abduction Festival, similar events and festivals have spawned throughout this planet we call Earth. The UFO Capital of the World Roswell, New Mexico hosts the UFO Festival every year. A little further North, McMenamins Hotel Oregon hosts UFO fest, and throughout the country runners can find a themed 5K or 10K close to their homebase for a nice early morning race.  

Surviving An Alien Abduction

There it is, the bright lights are in the sky and rapidly approaching. Frozen in fear, the abduction is imminent. Now is the time all preppers have been prepping for, sort of.

While an alien abduction may not be on every preppers prep list, there is a long history of people on this planet who claim aliens have already came to earth, some even claim to have already been abducted. So just in case the situation arises, on this National Extraterrestrial Abductions Day we thought we’d share some helpful tips if aliens come knocking.

There are countless books available on alien abductions for preppers to help prepare for the worst, but here are a few key points to know for when #SHTF.

Remain calm and aware of your surroundings. ‘The Oz Factor’ is described as a ‘sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework’. This typically happens during the time of the initial abduction.  Earthlings feel frozen in their tracks, unable to move or runaway. And within moments, they are gone, taken aboard the alien spacecraft where all sorts of things could begin happening. At this point, look around you, memorize anything and everything possible. Fighting may be impossible, so try to retain any and all information you can. What do your captors look like, what does their ship look like, is there anything you can snag and analyze back on earth?

Examinations are inevitable. Most people would think to not give in and fight but when your captured and taken aboard an unknown vessel somewhere in space, the options are few and far between. While your safe return may not be guaranteed, fighting your way out of a spaceship is reserved for the movies. One woman recounts that the aliens told her to ‘stop asking questions and just cooperate.’  

Get your bearings when you return. After the aliens are through with tests and examinations, hopefully they are kind enough to release you as they have for many others. Understand where you are, what to do next and how to deal with your situation. Try to write down anything and everything you can remember from your experience. Being able to fully explain what happened will help you understand and help others believe you.

The biggest thing to keep in mind if you actually do feel you have been abducted by aliens, is that you are not alone.  Every year, ‘experiencers’ gather in Newport, Rhode Island to discuss when and how they were abducted. Anne Ramsey Cuvelier hosts the annual gathering at her Newport property, she says she hosts the event because, “Nobody believes you. You go through these frightening experiences and then you go through the ridicule.”  

Not everyone on earth believes there is intelligent life out there, but preppers prep for worst case scenarios. And being kidnapped by an alien species, well, that seems like a worst case scenario. However you are celebrating National Alien Abduction Day, we wish you a happy one. Stay safe, and stay alert.  

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