Holiday season preparation: your dos and don’ts checklist

Some are already setting up Christmas trees while others cling to turkey and pumpkin pie for a few more weeks. Whichever mindset you’ve adopted, the holiday season is practically here. The holiday seasons can be stressful and overwhelming, filled with chaos and commotion.

In order to help you prepare for the coming weeks, we’ve put together a quick dos and don’ts holiday checklist to help simplify the season.

Do get organized for Thanksgiving.

Plan out your menu and decorations ahead of time so that you can shop the Thanksgiving sales in the next two weeks. Preparing ahead of time will save you the stress of scrambling at the very last minute to find the perfect turkey to feed your family.

Don’t forget to stock up on important prepper items.

Holiday sales are the perfect time to stock up on food and clothing that will keep you prepared throughout the next few months. Canned goods and sweaters are two prime examples of items that will be on sale in the coming weeks. It’s the perfect time to fill your pantry and your closet in preparation for the winter months ahead.

Do double-check your holiday lights.

Make sure all of your indoor and outdoor lights comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. These compliance guidelines help ensure your home is safe and beautifully decked out for the season. The last thing you want to deal with is a fire sparked by Christmas lights.

Don’t leave holiday candles unattended.

Tis’ the season for delicious smelling candles that make your entire home feel cozy and warm. Whether you opt for the scent of a pine tree or the sweet smell of holiday cupcakes, never leave candles burning in an unattended room. Again, you don’t want to deal with fire damage during the holidays.  

Do skip the fake food.

It’s fun to go a little overboard with holiday decorations, but if you have young children or pets running around your home, skip out on the decorations that can be confused as food or candy. Also be wary of keeping holiday plants in the home. Poinsettias are a beautiful and fairly common holiday plant, but they are poisonous.

Don’t forget to water your Christmas tree.

If you decide to choose a real tree for your family room because you love the sweet smell, don’t forget to water it. Christmas trees cannot take the heat nor will it remain full and beautiful if it dries out.

Do turn off all lights and blow out all candles before bed.

The idea of waking up in the morning to a fully lit Christmas tree sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it isn’t. If a fire were to ignite overnight, you wouldn’t be around to immediately notice and put it out. The best prevention is to only leave lights and candles on when someone is there to tend to them.

Don’t forget to stock up on snow and ice removal equipment.

Get that snowblower checked. Find the shovels hidden away in the back of the garage. Buy a bag of salt in preparation of the first ice storm.

Tis’ the season to be prepared!

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