LAX Shooting Planned to Arm TSA?

TSA Rape

The post below from Reddit is going viral on Reddit Conspiracy with over 125 comments and a boatload of questions. According to a Reddit poster who has stated he is a TSA employee, this was all planned out. Furthermore, this TSA employee claims that it was planned out to arm TSA employees. The new Jason A video examines this NWO False Flag even more deeply. Is the Reddit below fact or fiction? You be the judge.

"This is a throwaway, but I want to tell you all, they planned this to arm TSA. They have been telling us for months to get certified and to use one of their “ranges” by the airport if you want to get certified. I didn’t know what it was all about but when I got there, they told us “within 4 months (back in Sept) you will be allowed to carry and arrest, as well as search and seize property.” When I asked “how?” the guy at the range just said “I don’t know how you’re gonna get your gun, but you can thank DHS for it” and walked away. That’s the only answer I got.

Then this happens. I won’t say which airport I work at, only that I know for certain that we planned this to gain the power to carry guns, and once that happens, well, I don’t even know how people will react. The official story is that there are home-grown cells of “radicals” that want to hurt us. I don’t know what else to do but to warn you guys, this has ALL been planned since at least September. I won’t be returning to work on Monday, and I will be in hiding for a while. This is scary."

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Source: Reddit

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