‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Obama Scandals by Offering ‘Second Term Strength’ Anti-Depressants

Late night comedy show “Saturday Night Live” featured a parody commercial on last night’s episode aimed at highlighting the several scandals plaguing President Barack Obama’s second term in office.

The skit was a parody advertisement for an anti-depressant dubbed “Paxil: Second Term Strength” which the ad said was “the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term.”

The ad then turned to Obama consuming the medicine while the commercial parody read off a “range of symptoms” the anti-depressant treats.

“Benghazi, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Petraeus scandal, that time Jay Z and Beyonce went to Cuba,” the ad’s narrator said. “And of course, Obamacare website problems.”


Source: Oliver Darcy, TheBlaze

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