UPDATED - Terra Vivos Issues “Readiness Alert” for August 17th, 2012

We received this newsletter from Terra Vivos, as well as a few dozen other reports of several U.S. naval bases being evacuated, in preparations of a celestial threat. We have also received about 3 dozen videos of large amounts of tanks and other military equipment being transferred inland from the coasts via rail and by freight helicopters. 

CDEAMS will continue to review these reports via our network of disaster information in regard to a celestial object threats and will issue any alert deemed necessary should we find creditable evidence to do so.

Until such a warning we would suggest being alert and keeping a watchful eye in the event of any sort of celestial or other threat presents itself.


We are sharing Terra Vivos' newsletter below:

--Start Vivos Email--


As you know, we respect your interest and concern about what may be ahead for all of us on planet Earth. With that said, we try not to contact members unless the need is urgent. That time has come!

Over the past few years, Vivos has been preparing underground shelters for the protection of our member owners. Our goal has been to build as many shelters as possible in time for the predicted events. Many have believed in December 21, 2012 as the “end date”. We do not, but we do believe it is the beginning of the end, with what will likely be many years of major catastrophes and life-changing events.

Now, suddenly that date has become blurred with reports of an inbound “planetoid” that will pass the Earth on August 17, 2012, circle around the Sun, and return even closer on its outbound orbit September 26, 2012. Is it just another prediction, or is there any real evidence?

Vivos has a network of sources that alert us with status reports on all credible threats. We now have heard, from many confidential, high-ranking sources, that this object is real and it may be what everyone has been predicting. Nibiru? Planet X? A massive asteroid? Only the astronomers and the governments of the world know for sure and they are not talking. In fact, we are told that every astronomer with specific knowledge of what is coming is under a confidentiality agreement and have been threatened not to disclose what they know to anyone!  Still, there are leaks and the word is getting out to the elite and the privileged few.

While there have been many distractions to keep us busy thinking about other things, from mass shootings, to the Middle East meltdown, earth changes, unprecedented weather phenomenon, political and even constitutional threats, the “big one” is what the powers that be have been preparing for.   Yes, they have been preparing for years with plenty of evidence under everyone’s noses.   Huge underground shelters have been built, stocked with plenty of food, clothing, medicine, weapons, and everything you may imagine, to allow the government elite to survive what they know is coming.   Thousands of people will be saved, but unlikely you and your loved ones.

Here is what we are told:

•    A large object is being tracked (size undisclosed, but perhaps 4 times the size of the Earth).
•    They won’t disclose what it is being called. It may be Nibiru.
•    It is about to pass the Earth on August 17th, inbound on an elliptical orbit around the Sun.
•    The initial pass is not of great concern. But, be ready to head to shelter if we see more events.
•    It will circle the Sun and return past Earth around September 26th. That is the critical date.
•    They are studying its trajectory, mass and magnetic attraction with the Sun and the planets.
•    They are unsure of the exact path and/or expected impacts on Earth and the Moon.

Reportedly, there are three scenarios being considered and evaluated by the scientists:

1.    Total devastation and destruction of the planet
2.    A massive pole shift – with a major debris field impacting the Earth
3.    It will pass too far away to have significant impacts

The experts will be able to know with more certainty as this object gets closer.

The public will know before it happens, by either witnessing more and more Earth changes, or by seeing it in clear sight in the sky, although the apparent cover story is that, “It is just a Super Nova from a distant galaxy”.  This will buy more time and minimize the chaos.  We don’t know how much notice will be given before the public is aware and martial law is likely to be implemented to avoid total anarchy.

Reports are coming in that:

•    The government is already moving heavy equipment away from the coasts. This has been witnessed and verified by many third parties. They intend to move ships out of harbors, as they will have a better chance at sea. One of Vivos management team observed a naval ship being towed out to sea yesterday from the Long Beach, CA harbor.  Military personnel will be moved out later.

•    Most US observatories have discontinued public tours
•    FEMA has reportedly placed a moratorium on flood insurance
•    Most freeze-dried food manufacturers are sold out
•    Tanks are being moved out of CA by rail
•    Major volcano activity is suddenly occurring in the southern hemisphere
•    California is experiencing a cluster of earthquakes with predictions of a 9+ magnitude in the coming days
•    and, more that we cannot share at this time

Something is up! Watch very closely for the next week or so. We will be getting another update in a few days. We will try to notify you of any significant news and updates as we get them.

In the meantime, Vivos shelter owners should pack their bags and be ready to head to their shelter. Non-owners should plan on evacuating the coasts and head for high ground inland. Get packed and be ready to go at the first sign of the predicted events. Don’t wait for a media alert, or for it to be visible in the sky. At that stage, it will be too late to evacuate or travel as most roads and means of travel will be locked down.

This may be your last chance to prepare or secure a survival solution.

Unfortunately, Vivos is nearly sold out. We still have limited space available for more members, specifically those with medical and military/security expertise. If you believe you have any of these skills and are ready to become a member of our close-knit, like-minded community, contact us immediately at: support@terravivos.com

We pray there will be more time, but we must take this alert seriously. Knowledge is power.


The Vivos Group

You have received this alert having personally applied for Vivos membership and requested news and information.  For more information on how to secure immediate space in a Vivos shelter, please contact us at: support@terravivos.com

--End Vivos Email--


Again, until such a warning we would suggest being alert and keeping a watchful eye in the event of any sort of celestial or other threat presents itself.





- Norfolk naval base is evacuating
(Inaccurate - Confirmed  U.S. Navy) Norfolk Naval Base has NOT been evacuated, no evacuation orders have been given, base is operating at 100%.

- At least one large Naval ship has just been towed from dry dock out to sea in Long Beach, CA
(Inaccurate  - Confirmed U.S. Navy) No Naval ships have been towed from Dry Dock in Long Beach, CA in the past 10 weeks. "It is not uncommon for ships to be towed from dry dock, ever."

- National Guard is being called to report 12 - 14th
(Accurate - Confirmed The National Guard) The National Guard reported that training happens every week, on rotation. There have been no orders given regarding any sort of national emergency or "reserve call to arms". "Reserve training rotates anywhere from a single week to every week and differs between the State Reserves."

- US observatories have discontinued public tours
(Inaccurate - Confirmed The United States Naval Observatory)

Observatory Status by State (Updated August 12, 2012 1:06 PM CST)

Florence - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
University of North Alabama Telescope Viewing

WIYN telescope - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

The WIYN telescope at sunset. [NOAO/AURA/NSF]

Kitt Peak National Observatory Nightly Observing Program - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Kitt Peak National Observatory Public Nights on WIYN Telescope - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Pima College East Campus Observatory Open House - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Flaundrau's Observatory Telescope Viewing - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)


Conway - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
University of Central Arkansas Public Nights


Berkeley - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Lawrence Hall of Science Saturday Night Stargazing

Fresno - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Downing Planetarium Star Gazing

Los Altos Hills - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Foothill Observatory Public Viewing

Los Angeles - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Griffith Observatory Star Parties

Oakland - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Chabot Space and Science Center Telescope Viewing

San Diego - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Palomar Observatory Tours and Star Parties

San Jose - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Lick Observatory Summer Visitors Program


Danbury - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Western Connecticut State University Starwatch

District of Columbia

Washington, DC - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
National Air & Space Museum Public Viewing


Davie - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Buehler Planetarium & Observatory

Miami - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Weintraub Observatory Telescope Viewing

Orlando - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Orlando Science Center Telescope Viewing

St. Petersburg - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
St. Petersburg College Telescope Viewing


Atlanta - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Fernbank Observatory Public Nights

Columbus - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Coca-Cola Space Science Center Astronomy Nights

Macon - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Museum of Arts and Sciences Weekly Telescope Viewing

Young Harris - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Young Harris College Public Observation
(706) 379-5130


Honolulu - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Bishop Museum Telescope Viewing

Mauna Kea - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Mauna Kea Visitors Information Station Nightly Star Gazing


Mountain Home - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Bruneau Dunes Observatory Programs

Twin Falls - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Centennial Observatory Open House


Elizabeth - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Stargazing at Apple River Fort


Indianapolis - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Butler University Telescope Viewing


Golden Pond - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Golden Pond Observatory Telescope Viewing


Baton Rouge - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Highland Road Park Observatory Public Nights


Fairfield - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Northern Stars Planetarium Star Parties

Orono - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Maynard F. Jordan Observatory Telescope Viewing


Dundalk - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Community College of Baltimore County Star Parties


Boston - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Museum of Science: Stargazing at the Observatory


Ann Arbor - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Angell Hall Observatory Open House

Bloomfield Hills - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Cranbrook Institute of Science 'Starry Nights'

East Lansing - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Michigan State University Observatory Public Observation Nights


Lincoln - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Hyde Memorial Observatory Telescope Viewing

New Jersey

Cranford - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
William Miller Sperry Observatory Public Nights

New York

Vestal - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Kopernik Observatory Telescope Viewing


Bay Village - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Telescope Viewing

Cincinnati - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Cincinnati Observatory Center Astronomy Nights

Delaware - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Perkins Observatory Evening Public Programs

Toledo - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Brooks Observatory Star Parties

Wilmot - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
The Wilderness Center Telescope Viewing


Allentown - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society Public Star Parties

Latrobe - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
St. Vincent College Telescope Viewing

Philadelphia - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Franklin Institute Night Skies in the Observatory

York - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
York County Astronomical Society Public Observation


Nashville - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Sudekum Planetarium Star Parties


Austin - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
University of Texas Public Viewing Nights

Burnet - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Eagle Eye Observatory Star Parties

Fort Bend - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
George Observatory: Saturdays at the George

Fort Davis - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
McDonald Observatory Star Parties
star party

Fort Worth - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Fort Worth Noble Planetarium Star Parties

San Antonio - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Scobee Planetarium Telescope Viewing

Charlottesville - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Leander McCormick Observatory Public Nights

Fan Mountain Public Nights - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

National Radio Astronomy Observatory - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Fairfax County - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Analemma Society's Star Parties

Newport News - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Abbitt Observatory Daily Telescope Viewing


Pullman - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Washington State University Star Parties


Madison - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
Washburn Observatory Open House

Stevens Point - (Confirmed - OPEN TO PUBLIC)
UW-SP Observatory Telescope Viewing

- FEMA has placed a moratorium on flood insurance
(Inaccurate - National Flood Insurance Program ) "The National Flood Insurance Program was put on hold in 2010 but has since been active. Major insurance firms such as State Farm and Allstate encourage policy holders to extend policies to include flood coverage."

- Freeze dried food manufacturers are sold out
(Inaccurate - Mountain House, eFoods Direct, Shelf Relliance, Nitro-Pak, Cosco) Consenus, storable food sales have been on the incline since 2004 there currently us no shortage of "Freezed Dried Foods" from any of the national vendors. Mountain House confirmed currently supplies it's largest quantities since 2002.

- Tanks are being moved out of CA
(Accurate - Texas National Guard) A shipment of tanks and pacs have been ordered and is being delivered to the Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas National Guard to replace outdated and existing equipment.

- Major volcano activity in southern hemisphere
(Inaccurate - CDEAMS / RSOE EDIS) Volcanic activity is a daily occurrence however no large scaled earthquakes have been monitored or reported outside of the normal seismic daily activity.

- CA is experiencing a cluster of earthquakes
(Inaccurate - CDEAMS / RSOE EDIS) No large scaled earthquakes have been monitored or repaired outside of normal seismic daily activity. View North American Real Time Monitoring (http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php?area=usa&lang=eng)

- and, more that we cannot share at this time
Until this data is released, we cannot confirm any of it.

All of the items in this list have been cited on a few websites verbatim, same source is highly probable. (EXAMPLE)

SOURCE OF AUGUST 17th, 2012 Internet Buzz (Google-Base)

Civil Dispatch does not condone ignorance when it comes to disaster awareness or preparation and recommendes those concerned to self-validate warnings before acting out any preparedness or survival planning.

Source: Terra Vivos

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