The Unprepared Guide Of Gifts To Give Your Prepper This Valentine’s Day

Candy, flowers, cards, and stuffed animals have lined the aisles of every store in America, but these gifts won’t satisfy the needs of your beloved prepper. We have prepared a few last minute (preppers wouldnt approve of this "last minute" business) gift ideas that your prepper is sure to love this Valentine's Day.

Nothing screams “I love you” like a couple of boxes of 12-gauge shotgun shells. If you want to take it to the next level, you can dump (or eat!) the chocolate out of a heart shaped box and load it up with ammunition. If you are a Valentine’s Day overachiever, you could even take your sweetheart to the local gun show and let them pick out (and play) with the gun of their choosing. That would just be the icing on the cake.

Food Dehydrator
Keep your love and food from going stale with a lovely food dehydrator. Dehydrating food is one of the oldest forms of food preservation, so say yes to love and no to stale food.

Canning Kit
Fill cans with love and jam this Valentine’s Day by gifting your sweetheart the canning kit of their dreams. Date night will now consist of steamy, hot preserving.

A Night Out
Get dressed up (this means no camo, gentlemen!) and hit the town. Maybe go to a restaurant that carries food that doesn’t look like it came out of an MRE package. Take the time to remember the world how it is because it might not be like that for long. That is what you are prepping for, correct?

Romantic Dinner At Home
Light those emergency candles and don’t hold back. Serve them only the finest ingredients, but not from your emergency food supply, of course! Bring up how you will protect them from ANYTHING and you mean literally anything. Finish the night off with an apocalyptic movie and point out how unprepared the actors are because to you this is not just a movie.

There is no way to fail Valentine’s Day with this foolproof plan to the perfect gift. You can also gift your Valentine with text messages from Civil Dispatch to keep them up-to-date on severe weather and threats in their area! 

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