Time To Ask Yourself About Preparedness Planning


The questions contained in this article can help you with any preparedness planning scenario you may find yourself in. Think through your answers carefully - your physical and emotional health, peacefulness, and family depend on it.

Preparedness planning is built on two principles -

  • Assessing the world’s current state of affairs through a philosophical or personal worldview, and
  • Developing a specific plan of action based on those assessments, needs, and the conditions that may occur.

Here are the questions that must be answered before you start developing your prepping plan -

  1. What are the different disaster / emergency scenarios that you’ve determined may come up that will cause you to rely on your preparedness supplies?
  2. How long do you see that/those emergency scenarios lasting?
  3. What attitude are you expecting to be able to keep up during said scenario(s)?
    Keep in mind that the longer an emergency goes on, the tougher it is to keep a positive attitude.
  4. What preparedness knowledge do you already have? And your family and friends?
  5. During said emergency, what resources are there in your area?
    Be sure to think through any disruptions in resources, too.
  6. Are you dependent on someone else or another entity to help you with any of your preparedness?
  7. Do you have a list of essential supplies you believe will be necessary to have on hand during the crisis?
  8. Are there any financial implications for your projected emergency scenario?
    This isn’t just for the cost of prep, but also cash on hand or other resources to handle unforeseen emergencies. Also bundled into this question is back-ups (hard copies) of essential financial documents.
  9. Do you or your family have any special needs to take into consideration?
  10. Are you expecting to be stationary or is it likely you’ll need to be mobile and/or relocate?
  11. How are you and your family going to communicate?
  12. What transportation options will you have available to you?

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