Truckers Plan to Arrest Congress and President

The “Truckers ride for the Constitution” rally is scheduled to begin Friday morning and, if it goes even remotely as planned, the feds are in for a rude awakening.

According to U.S. News & World Report, truckers plan to circle the inner loop of the Washington, D.C. beltway for three days to voice their frustration with America’s political leaders. The three-lane wide convoy will leave the left lane open for emergency vehicles, but plans to stifle any other traffic that doesn’t support the cause.

The group seeks the arrest of politicians who have violated their oath of office. The police will be quite busy if that actually happens.

Georgia trucker Earl Canlon, who is handling logistics for the rally, seems quite serious about all this. As noted in the story, Canlon stated, “We are going to ask the law enforcement to uphold their constitutional oath and make these arrests. If they refuse to do it, by the power of the people of the United States and the people’s grand jury, they don’t want to do it, we will. … We the people will find a way.”

And, just for the record, President Obama is on the group’s list. But, it’s not asking for impeachment. Instead, the President will be arrested if the truckers get their way.

In total, there will be at least 3,000 big rigs circling the inner loop this weekend, possibly many more, based on the report.

From a realistic perspective, these truckers have no chance of convincing the police to arrest Congressional leaders and the President. And, the odds they’ll be allowed to make the arrests themselves are about as good as Obama realizing socialism doesn’t work.

Still, it’s great to see a concerned group of citizens willing to voice their frustrations and try to fix an out-of-control government. Although, if they somehow succeed, don’t expect America’s streets to flood with tears – at least not tears of sorrow.

Source: By: James Daniels via RSS Syndication

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