What?! Cancer Patient Who Had Health Insurance Cancelled is Now Being Audited by IRS

What?! Cancer Patient Who Had Health Insurance Cancelled is Now Being Audited by IRS

Bill Elliott recently came on The Kelly File and shared publicly how his health insurance was cancelled due to Obamacare. He was told that his cancer is “beyond a catastrophic pre-existing condition”I even wrote about it on this blog. I got your blood boiling, and now it’s only going to get hotter. Ready for the molten lava?

Elliott is now sharing publicly that he is now being audited by the IRS. No joke, people!

The Blaze is reporting:  “He said he was given the option of a new $1,500-per-month plan, up from the $180 per month or so that he’d been paying. Elliott told Fox’s Megyn Kelly that he had decided he wasn’t going to pay for the new expensive plan, and was instead going to take the financial penalty and “let nature take its course.”

This poor man. It shouldn’t be this way. However, his health insurance “worked it out” that he could keep his coverage, but that’s when the certified letter came in the mail. He’s now being audited for taxes he filed in 2009.

“Monday I got a certified letter, I went down and got it and it’s from the IRS and they are auditing my books from 2009,” Elliott said.

He’s always filed his taxes on time, and has never been involved in tax fraud. In fact, he worked for the government back then. It gets even better; due to budget shortage, his meeting with Uncle Sam won’t take place until April 2014!!! (Remember when I said Obama’s all about “hurry up and wait?!).

Steven Tucker, who helped Elliott get his insurance reinstated, is also being audited for forms dating back to 2003!! It’s just ridiculousness; and it’s no coincidence, really. The Obama administration is incompetent, and to make up for being incompetent, they are also incredibly stupid. First let’s take away a sick man’s lifeline, and then make him feel even worse by treating him like a criminal.

Elliott is doing a little better now, but still has regular bone scans every four months. I pray he enjoys a long, healthy life, regardless of Obamacare.


Source: By Emily H, DownTrend

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